Create and Live a Happier,
More Meaningful, Life.
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Are you feeling stressed from some of the complex challenges of life: such as physical and emotional health, losses and changes in our lives, and issues having to do with our relationships?

Many of us have patterns that limit our progress. Breakthroughs come by applying correct principles in, perhaps, more creative ways than we have in the past.

Seeing me as a Therapist, Coach and Spiritual Advisor will:

::  Help you feel understood (which can
    be as important to our emotional
    well-being as air is to our bodies)
::  Increase awareness in your life
::  Encourage and motivate you!
::  Help you examine and change
    unhealthy patterns and traditions

Take the first step to a better life.


Becoming "one" or connected in relationships can be a major source of our happiness or sadness in life. Become a “Master” at learning how to better connect. Our Center helps you to Heal and Enhance your relationships!

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How does healthy grieving bring healing, peace and growth to one’s life? What beliefs, rules and patterns affect our ability to better deal with loss and change? We can help you.

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Feelings of depression and anxiety may lead to an “in-the-heat-of-the-moment” reaction you may regret later. You can be trained to recognize and understand these feelings and use them as informational signals to steer you towards a better plan for healthy action.

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We may behave in ways that are unhealthy, unkind, or unloving. This could include experimenting with drugs or alcohol or engaging in pornographic activities. Break free of your addictive behaviors and learn how to lead the life you desire.

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